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Besco was founded in 1976 and over the years, thanks to its close relationships with the leading companies in the printing machines sector, specialises in the production of forklift trucks intended primarily for handling coils from the paper sector to the paper technology, from plastics to aluminium, from printing to packaging. The constant growth in technology has taken the Company to a widening of the range to meet promptly to the specific customer requirements with dozens of customised versions.
Reliability, combined with quality, versatility and manoeuvrability of the forklift trucks have enabled Besco for export all over the European and world market.

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CBM700S manual coil lifting forklift truck

> Structure manufactures with high resistance rolled steel that ensure the highest degree of sturdiness and durability.
> Maximum capacity 700 Kg
> The lifting is done by hand pump of the “pallet” type. An “anti-descent” safety valve avoids the rapid lowering of the load in the event failure of any hydraulic parts.
Lowering is carried out through a lowering lever. Thrust and steering translational is carried
out through handles that directly control the steering wheels.
> Lever parking brake with complete locking of the forklift truck.
> Sliding slide through ball bearings groups with shoe contrast.
> Cot suited for handling of coils.
> The forklift truck is manufactured according to the Machinery Directive.



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CB2.10 manual traction and electrical lifting coil forklift truck

The frame and forks, made with high strength rolled steel, ensure maximum
degree of sturdiness and durability, allowing a reduction in the weight of the machine with consequent improvement in the smoothness of the manual coil lifting forklift truck.
> Post made with high strength and rigidity ST52.3 steel sections.
> Hydraulic lifting unit through closed 1300W 12V engine, coupled by means of flange to the high pressure geared pump. The lifting/lowering control of the cylinder/post unit is activated through a lever distributor that adjusts the speed in a very sensitive way.
Rechargeable batteries powered with built-in battery charger.
Steering controlled by handle which also serves for towing.
> Ii is equipped with: pressure relief valve that limits to a predetermined value, the load to be lifted; non-return valve; flow compensating valve, built-in into the base of the lifting cylinder
ensures the controlled descent of the load even in case of failure of the pipes.
All the safety devices required by law are included.



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CBE electronic coil lifting forklift truck

The electronic coil lifting forklift trucks of the CBE line are produced in 3 different versions, with a lifting capacity of 1,000, 1,250 and 1,500 kg. Especially suitable for handling coils of large diameter, all the controls are located on the handle.

Operator’s anti-crushing device. Protecting the drive wheel. Locking the engine which acts as a parking brake. Rechargeable batteries powered with built-in battery charger. Fall valve built-in into the cylinder.

In case of failure of the hydraulic pipes, the coil holder is not lowered.

Single-acting lifting hydraulic cylinder. Coil holder flatbed equipped with a stop plate
activated through a hydraulic control that allows keeping the coil locked
during transport.

Emergency device for stopping the machine with pushbutton control.

All models can be equipped with an (optional) lateral displacement.



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The store of the series ON/OFF has the basic characteristics of automatic stores.
The difference lies in the rotation and research of the rollers control, carried out through a remote control (overhead bridge type) forward/backward, instead of a programmer. The selection of the position of loading/unloading is therefore manual.
To facilitate identification of the desired roller, the protections around the store are made of 50×50 metal mesh.
Canguro 40 ON/OFF
Vertical store with management capacity of up to 40 rollers
Canguro 60 ON/OFF
Vertical store with management capacity of up to 60 rollers



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The paper coils have different weights and shapes, and so are the machines on which they are loaded for processing, which have different technical-mechanical configurations.

The high versatility of the production process allows BESCO to customise upon request its models for 360-degree coverage of the requirements of its customers.


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